My 3D Twin

Out and About: Jess Creates Her Own 3D Twin

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a miniature version of yourself?

Well, you’re about to find out. We sent our colleague Jess to My 3D Twin, one of our brand new wacky experiences in London.

My 3D Twin

“I arrived at my 3D twin, then had a cup of tea and a chat with Charlotte about the company and the various poses I could do.

When I made my decision, we went downstairs into the special photographic area: you walk into this cylindrical area surrounded by a whopping 64 DSLR cameras, strike your pose and then the cameras work their magic! As the cameras are all rigged up to go off at the same time, it happens so quickly – there’s no flash because there are already box lights set up in the studio, so the click of the cameras is all you hear.

3D Twin

Next, we went into the room next door to decide if I liked my picture or not. I had a change of top with me and we did a couple of pictures in each outfit so I could choose which one I thought was best – I went for the grey t-shirt as it had more texture to it, plus I was advised this would look more interesting once printed.

My 3D Twin...

The actual printing of the model takes about nine hours, so you can’t stay and watch the whole process, but I received my 3D twin in the post about two weeks later – I couldn’t believe how detailed it was! Overall, this was a unique experience which I’d definitely recommend.”

Do you want to follow in Jess’ footsteps? Check out our Create Your Own 3D Twin Experience and try it for yourself.

Images: RLD

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