We take a look at five Time Travelling Films

Five Tremendous Time Travelling Films

This Sunday the clocks will go forward by an hour and make our evenings feel a little bit brighter.

To celebrate Daylight Saving Time, and our extra hour of daylight. Read our previous blog on daylight saving to find out how to make the most of the extra hour. Here are five tremendous time travelling films you must watch…

Back to the Future

No time travelling movie compilation would be complete without this 1985 classic starring Christopher Lloyd and a young Michael J Fox. In order to save his own existence, Marty McFly takes a trip to the past in a time travelling DeLorean to reunite his high school aged parents. Great Scott!

The Terminator

This high budget Hollywood blockbuster is arguably the best of the Terminator franchise and even though it was released over 30 years ago, this movie is still a must see. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a menacing cyborg sent back in time to save an evil network of sentient machines – the rest speaks for itself!

Donnie Darko

A cult classic, Donnie Darko could be considered the Marmite of time travelling films. This haunting flick stars Jake Gyllenhaal as an unsettled suburban teenager who is plagued by visions of an oversized bunny rabbit after a near scrape with a jet engine. This movie really is as strange as it sounds, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

Hot Tub Time Machine

A group of old friends (led by John Cusack) go on a nostalgic trip to an old log cabin and get more than they bargained for when they party in the hot tub! This highly-entertaining and occasionally crass time travelling comedy boasts an excellent cast, great gags and plenty of fun from start to finish.

The Butterfly Effect

Starring Aston Kutcher and Amy Smart, The Butterfly Effect is a fast-paced time shifting flick packed full of sudden twists and turns. A young man who represses difficult memories from his past finds a way of going back and altering them, with life-changing consequences.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of tremendous time travelling films and if it has put you in the mood for movies, check out our TV and Films Locations Bus Tour for Two. Or if you’re looking for a bit or excitement this spring, take a look at our thrilling range of adrenaline challenges.

What will you do with your extra hour of daylight?

Image: citygypsy11 via Flickr
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