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Five Steps to Feeling Good According to the Movies

With shorter days, less sunlight and freezing cold temperatures, this time of year can be tough.

But to help you snap out of those January blues and to get you through Blue Monday check out our five steps to feeling good according to the movies…

Spruce Yourself Up

The first step to feeling good is to make yourself look good. So get off the couch, jump in the shower, put on your favourite clobber and make yourself pretty.

Head Outside and Get Some Fresh Air

It has been scientifically proven that walking has a whole host of health benefits, it’s also a great stress buster. Don’t worry about the weather, simply put on a coat, step outside and go for a good old fashioned stroll.

Talk to a Mate

So you’ve made yourself look good and you’ve been for a walk in the fresh air – now it’s time to meet up with a good friend, chew the fat, vent about any frustrations you may have (just let it all out like Ron Burgundy) and make exciting plans for the year. And if you can’t see them in person, you can always talk things out on the phone!

Have Dinner and a Few Drinks

By now it’s evening time. Rather than retiring to the couch, get a gang together, go for a bite to eat and enjoy a few drinks – just try not to overdo it.

Head Home and Listen to Your Favourite Tunes

Listening to music can have a very positive effect on the mind. You’ve been out and about all day so go home, get comfy and put on a playlist of your favourite songs. If no-one’s around and you’ve got the energy, you could even bust out a little dance routine.

By now you should be feeling pretty good.

If you’ve followed these steps and you still feel like you need a bit of a pick me up, treat yourself to a spot of pampering.

Featured image: Sarah Reid via Flickr

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