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Celebrate Furry Friends for National Cat Day

We’re a nation known the world over for being batty about our animals. Cats and dogs are taken to our hearts and quickly become fully paid up members of the family. Not only is it National Cat Day tomorrow, but we’ve got some great new animal treat subscriptions to offer – cats and dogs alike rejoice!

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No National Cat Day would be complete without the obligatory cat videos. Enjoy…

We’re delighted to be working with PawPost, so now you can treat your furry friend (or gift a friend to treat theirs) with a three or six month cat or dog subscription. Watch your pet eagerly drum their paws at the letterbox each month, waiting for their little box of love to be delivered, filled with nutritious treats and toys. Receiving a monthly pet pamper subscription box is just as much fun for the owner as it is for the pet (the crocodile toy is our favourite!).

Tune in to our social media channels for a special giveaway on the big day tomorrow, courtesy of PawPost.

national cat day - Paw Post delivery

Cat got your tongue… This expression is used to scold those who are silent or won’t answer a question. It is derived from a centuries old wives’ tale that a cat can suck the breath out of sleeping baby.

Hair of the Dog…  This phrase originated in the 16th century. For around two hundred years, anyone bitten by a rabid dog had their wound dressed with the burnt hair of that dog as a cure. Today we quote it to adhere to ‘like fixing like’, by drinking more alcohol to take away the awful after effects of having had too much alcohol

Grin like a Cheshire Cat… This cat was made famous by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland book published in 1865. Alice says to the Duchess, “I didn’t know that Cheshire cats always grinned; in fact, I didn’t know that cats COULD grin.” “They all can,” said the Duchess; “and most of them do.”

national cat day

Cat lover, dog lover or both, give your pet some extra fuss.

IMAGES: Red Letter Dayscheese-rules1, Oliver and Bailey (owned by Gemma Crozier)
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