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Alternative Ways to Present a Red Letter Days Experience

A Red Letter Days experience is always going to be a memorable one, but sometimes, the secret to a really good gift is all in the presentation.

So if you’re looking for an inventive way to give someone a Red Letter Days envelope, we’re here to give you a helping hand.

Alternative ways to give a RLD present

1. Pet Carrier
Depending on how well trained they are this does have the potential to go wrong, but enlisting the help of your pet is a potentially brilliant way to deliver an envelope. Please note: this probably won’t work so well if your pet is a goldfish.

2. Toy Plane Delivery
For the Red Letter Day sent from above, attach it to a remote control plane and chase the recipient around the room for a little while before sending it in to land.

3. Parking ticket
Why not put the gift in a Parking Ticket Pouch of Doom and attach it to their windscreen – because sometimes it’s fun to make someone angry before you do something nice.

4. Newspaper
Customise their favourite newspaper. If you know they read the horoscopes avidly, you can tell them their gift experience future. Spooky.

Alternative ways to give a RLD present

5. Scavenger Hunt
Sounds like a children’s activity but a good scavenger hunt will keep all ages entertained if done well. Also, remember that the clues can lead you anywhere. Pub, anyone?

6. Box of Chocolates
The cheaper the better. The recipient will start off disgruntled that you seem to have picked up their present at the local petrol station, but will end up thinking it’s the sweetest gift ever.

7. Photo Album
Fill the album with pictures of previous fun times, leaving a few pages at the end for the envelope and eventual photos of the Red Letter Days experience.

8. Trinket Present Clue
Get a small token present indicative of the experience they are going to be enjoying, i.e. a toy car for racing days, bubble bath for a spa day, a pair of chopsticks for sushi making. Warning: recipient may think they’re getting an Aston Martin.

Got any inventive gift giving ideas? Let us know!

Images from sxc and Flickr creative commons: cyron, NS Newsflash, leapkye, needleandawldainec 


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