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10 Mad Facts About Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Spring is almost here which means it’s time to stow away that winter coat, get out there and go as mad as a March hare.

Speaking of March hares, to celebrate the turning of the season, here are 1o things you probably didn’t know about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

1. The real Alice, who lent her name to the book, was the daughter of Lewis Carroll’s boss (Henry Liddell who taught maths at the Christ Church College in Oxford).

2. As the illustrations in the book’s original edition were reproduced so badly, Carroll used half of his annual salary to get it reprinted. Luckily, the book enjoyed instant success.

3. Originally, the story was going to be titled Alice’s Hour in Elfland. Thankfully, it was changed in the nick of time.

4. In 1931, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was banned in China on the grounds that animals should not use the human language.

5. Carroll read the early ideas of the story to Alice Liddell and her friends during a boat trip on the Thames. If they hasn’t asked him to finish it, the book wouldn’t exist now.

6. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been translated into film many times over the years, but the first ever one was released as a 12 minute short back in 1903.

7. Since its release, the book has never been out of print and it’s actually available in 176 languages worldwide.

8. Lewis Carroll was a savvy marketer and it is said that he was the pioneer of brand licensing, working with different manufacturers to release related products. KISS, eat your heart out!

9. Queen Victoria loved the book so much, she suggested that Carroll dedicate the next book to her. He did – but it was a book about advanced mathematics!

10. There is even a disease called Alice in Wonderland syndrome (AWS), where suffers perceive their body to be changing size.

We hope these mad facts have got you hopped up and ready for spring and if you’re in the mood for more, check out these 10 things you may not know about London’s Tower Bridge.

Images: Diane Lacourciere and Tom Simpson via Flickr
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