Skydiving is an excellent way to celebrate or mark any monumentous events - if you dare!

Skydiving aged 100 (or younger!)

This week the BBC featured Georgina Harwood, a great-grandmother who celebrated her 100th birthday by jumping out of a plane. This lady first tried out skydiving at the tender age of 92! RLD’s very own Ciana also went skydiving last year and find out how she got on.

Georgina loved the feeling so much that she decided there would be no better way to celebrate her 100 years on the planet than by doing a tandem skydive.

After the event, this is how she described it “Definitely a very special exhilarating experience and even this jump seemed to be different to the previous jumps and was wonderful. Give me some extra adjectives and I’ll add them on”.

If you have never been sure whether or not skydiving is for you, take a tip from Georgina, the plucky centenarian and also listen to this American gentleman on his 100th birthday, preparing to jump for the very first time – really looking forward to ticking off a new first in life.

Our range of skydiving options include special offers and options for one, two or four people. You can even arrange a tandem skydive with a DVD included so that you can look back and see your flight as you never dreamed possible.

We leave you with a clip of a Red Letter Days customer having the time of his life when he experienced his tandem skydive – enjoy!

What is your most exciting high flying experience?


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