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Ask Everyone: What Are Your Biggest Phobias?

Everyone is scared of something. We can all naturally understand a wariness of creatures such as spiders, snakes or sharks (the fact they can kill us is reason enough!) but we also often pick up on more irrational phobias from those around us while we are growing up. Then there are the phobias for which there is no rhyme nor reason.

With everyone eager to share their weird and wonderful fears (with the promise of no names mentioned), please read and enjoy the phobias of staff in the Red Letter Days office…


“Bananas! Not sure where this phobia came from, but all I do know is for all my adult life I have found that everything about them repulses me. From the smell, texture, skin and their ability to turn a nasty brown / black colour…ugh! I almost got off my train a few months ago – it was packed and I was in between two men, both of whom decided to have their banana breakfast on the train. The journey into work that morning was rather tetchy. Some colleagues go so far as to warn me that they are having a banana so I can take a walk. Irrational phobia, I definitely think so!”




“I deal with my pigeon phobia by crossing the road to avoid the scummy little rat-like things”


Yellow Sponges
“I hate sponges, they lurk on sink edges. The texture makes me go creepy. If I encounter a harmless domestic sponge, I have to move it with a stick so it can’t touch me. I don’t even like the word – the unpronounced “g” really annoys me…”




“I have a phobia of spiders and unless the cat deals with them for me (it regards spiders as a tasty snack), I face them with my biggest cookbook!”


Suede shoes


“I have a phobia of touching suede. I bought myself some suede shoes and I’m almost over it but I still have to use a shoehorn.”


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