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Harry Houdini The Flying Fanatic

Did you know, Houdini was planning on moving into the world of aviation once his career as an escape artist had ended?

Read on as we celebrate the highs and lows of The Great Houdini and his many enthralling feats of escapology.

1. Harry Houdini’s birth name was Ehrich Weiss. As he got into magic, he created a stage name which was largely inspired by French illusionist Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin.

2. Houdini was a huge aviation fanatic and once stated that after his career as an escape artist was over, he wanted to be remembered for his contributions to the world of flying.

3. In his day Houdini was the only magician allowed to legally perform the Chinese Water Torture Cell – he craftily managed to copyright it as part of a one act play.

4. A true performer, Harry actually started as a trapeze artist, aged 9. He performed under the name ‘Erich the Prince of Air’.

5. Other than aviation, Harry Houdini had a fascination with spiritualists and would regularly try to expose them as frauds.

Harry Houdini

6. Harry was the 10th official president of the Society of Magicians and was the only one to serve for more than a year.

7. It was after successfully escaping from prisons that Houdini really got noticed. Prison wardens were so impressed, they’d actually give him a certificates as a memento of his success.

8. Although Mr Houdini often said he was born in America, his family actually immigrated from Budapest to Wisconsin in 1876.

9. Contrary to popular belief, Houdini didn’t actually die from being punched in the gut or a botched escape. In the end, he perished from untreated appendicitis.

10. Harry Houdini’s most famous quotes is “my brain is the key that sets me free”.

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Could you ever see yourself becoming an escape artist?

Images: state library of new south wales and paul townsend via flickr

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