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What Do Your Sunglasses Say About You?

It’s the one accessory that can take your cool rating from middling to exceptional with zero effort. It’s cheaper than a Harley Davidson and subtler than a wise-cracking sidekick. A pair of sunglasses holds the inscrutable power to make dweebs look like rock stars and laundry-day last resorts look designer. And with the summer sun beginning to flirt with us, a good pair of sunnies are an essential item for that upcoming Short Break.

But do they also hold the key to your personality? Vision Express thinks so. They say:

“Winning your eyewear game must be similar to how you dress up for a party or a trip. You have to choose the appropriate design or colour that will fully express your personality.”

As gifting experts, we at Red Letter Days HQ believe the secret to buying the perfect present is in tailoring it to personality. Our hundreds of gift experiences are sorted by personality type such as Beer lovers, Adventurers and Aspiring Chefs. So when choosing a present for that tricky-to-buy-for friend, is the clue all in the eyes?

Sunglasses on a mountain looking at blue skies

We approached Instagram’s best and brightest for examples of the pengest sunglasses out there, and given you some suggestions for what personality category they match with.


 Cat’s Eye Sunglasses 

Chic, unique and flirty, these feline sunglasses are a head-turner. It’s no wonder they’ve been spied on babes like Salma Hayek and Scarlett Johansson. What kind of activity should you choose for the cat’s eye wearer? Easy. From big cat encounters to tea at a cat emporium, our Gifts for Animal Lovers are just the ticket.

 Coloured Lenses 

You’ve seen them on every kind of athlete, from cyclists to marathon runners. Coloured lenses are popular for sports as particular tints can help with clarity (making the yellowness of a tennis ball extra vivid, for example). It’s a happy bonus that they also look badass. Take a hint from the tint and find your buddy the perfect little something from among our Gifts for Sports Fans.

 Oversized Sunglasses 

The ever-pioneering Victoria Beckham was among the first to bring oversized sunnies to the mainstream. Now they’re seen adorning anyone who’s anyone, on runways, at festivals or as a shield to hide behind when you don’t want to be recognised by the paps. This celebrity-fave style goes hand in hand with the high life. Think luxurious spa days and lavish body treatments. That’s why you’ll want to check out our Relaxing Gift Ideas for ways to impress your starlet friend.


Aviators exude classic-cool. The iconic glasses were introduced to military pilots in the mid-1930s and have remained synonymous with pilots ever since. Their teardrop shape gives full coverage and the lenses are close enough to the face to allow a visor to be pulled down over them. If you’re rocking a pair of aviators, chances are you’ve got a penchant for adrenaline pursuits such as flying and motor sports. Delve into our Gifts for Adrenaline Junkies and find an experience worthy of that sense of adventure.

 Round Sunglasses 

Channel nonagenarian fashionista Iris Apfel with big, bold, unapologetically round sunglasses. Spherical as dinner plates, and just the way our eyes go when they happen upon a decadent dish, these glasses belie a love of food. Delight your round-bespectacled friend with our Gifts for Foodies. And if these disc-shaped shades put you in mind of John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne rather than the fashion set, you might be a muso; check out our Gifts for Music Lovers.

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 Ombré Sunglasses 

Ombré glasses can be character-packed and beautiful, and they lend any outfit a sense of intrigue. The ombré aesthetic has become popular across all kinds of media, from hairstyles to stationery. It simply means a graduation from one shade to another. We love this groovy, artistic look and believe it matches best with our Creative Gift Ideas. Browse our pottery classes, theatre shows, photography courses and much more.


What type of sunglasses do you wear? Do they sum up your personality? Let us know what styles we’ve missed.

Not a big shades wearer? Find out what your What Your Cup of Tea Says About You instead!

Instagram photos courtesy of Anna from AlwaysAFashionParade, Mary from ProudTiger76, Irma from Irma-la, Syan from Syans_Ashes, Tyler from CheerTheClutchUp and Victor from Victor_em_Maturen

Other images courtesy of Jad Limcaco and Melody Jacob on Unsplash

Quote thanks to Vision Express

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