Merry Christmas from Red Letter Days

Another eventful year has nearly come to a close and there’s only one thing left to do before 2017 is done and dusted…Enjoy a Christmas jam-packed with festive fun, eating until you feel like you might burst and making #MerryMemories, of course!

But before we let you head off home for your festive break, to end the year on a high note, we’ve looked back at some of our favourite moments of 2017.

Our very first blogger ambassador event at Cake Boy

Getting the year started on a high, we hosted our very first blogger ambassador event at Cake Boy – Eric Lanlard’s chic boutique patisserie in South London. Bringing together nine bloggers from all corners of the blogosphere, we all donned an apron and put our best cupcake decorating skills to the test. Of course, being creative can be hungry work, so we finished off by sitting down to an indulgent afternoon spread together. Can you think of a tastier way to spend an afternoon?

Defying gravity at iFly 

Next up was a hair-raising session at indoor skydiving arena iFly. Defying gravity, each of our blogger guests took it in turns to defy gravity in a specially designed wind tunnel, to ride on a rip-roaring 120mph torrent. I think it’s fair to say it was a flying success!

Checking out some fierce wildlife at Paradise Wildlife Park

Swapping adrenaline for animals, we paid the furry residents of Paradise Wildlife Park a visit. Welcoming another group of our wonderful blogger friends, we took a guided tour around the wildlife park, with an expert guide offering us his most impressive nuggets of information about each species he introduced us to. Rounding off the day, we joined the tigers for some tea – safely beyond the enclosure walls, of course! Perched directly above the tiger enclosure with a large viewing window, we sat down for a feast of mouthwatering cakes, sandwiches and scones. Yummy!

Getting our sugar fix at My Chocolate

Talking of tasty, our final blogger ambassador event of the year was a scrumptious chocolate making workshop MyChocolate. We’re talking deliciously smooth chocolate martinis, decadent chocolate truffles and flavour infused chocolate buttons. All topped off with some bubbles of course!

And finally, elfin’ around at Red Letter Days HQ in the lead up to Christmas!

Disclaimer: We don’t actually wear green elf outfits in the office, but Ashleigh’s face does look like that most days.

That’s a wrap folks! Merry Christmas and a very happy new year from all of us at Red Letter Days!

Credit: Elf Yourself  & My Chocolate


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