Top Tips for Black Friday 2016 Shopping

By Andrea November 25, 2016

Unlike Thanksgiving the day before, Black Friday doesn’t have a deep, meaningful origin – it’s all about shopping. Online shopping, in-store shopping – it’s become synonymous with mass purchase, images of people camping in the high street and arguing in car parks.

And it can be a bit daunting. There are so many retailers and so many products and so many discounts, it gets confusing. What to look at first? Where to go?

So, as experienced fellow shoppers, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to simplify things. Whether you’ll be browsing online or heading to your local shopping centre, read through and see if you can make serious savings stress-free!

Online Shopping

1. Sign up to online mailing lists

Compile a list of your favourite retailers, and sign up to their mailing lists a few days beforehand. The biggest discounts will literally come to you by email, saving all that browsing through their site!

Online shopping email subscription box
A cheeky example of a great newsletter that brings discounts…

2. Work out which brands WON’T have sales

Certain big brands opt out every year, like Apple, and often this makes the news. If you’re after an iPad or iPhone, you’ll want to focus on a third-party stockist like Argos instead. (Update – Apple have released a cryptic ad which implies they may join in this year!).

3. Get a price comparison app

There’s an app for everything these days, and we recommend ShopSavvy, Shopular and SlickDeals. They’ll compare prices for you, without fifteen hundred open pages and twenty pop-ups on your screen.

Open shopping windows.
Price comparison apps don’t open multiple windows like sites do…

4. Make sure your internet connection is good, and passwords are at the ready

Online shopping can be competitive. There’s one pair of trainers left – and your internet’s slow, or you forget your PayPal password – aaand it’s gone. Not a nice feeling. If only you’d remembered that capital letter, lower case letter and number combination in time!

5. Work out what you want, and what you need

The two are rarely the same thing, in our experience. Don’t buy things you’ll never want or need (nose hair trimmers, 43-piece all-purpose kitchen tools which peel eggs/dice zucchini and odd exercise tools are all big culprits). Spend your money on things that will make you or someone else happy.

In-store Shopping

1. Remember, Black Friday isn’t just for items

Black Friday is also a great chance to get food, drinks and even national and international flights and hotel stays at much lower prices. Don’t neglect restaurants, bars and travel agents!

A beach holiday also on sale on Black Friday
Great holiday deals come up each year – a chance to get some Vitamin Sea

2. Pay attention to the TV and newspapers

Brands will often advertise their best in-store deals through adverts, and also opening and closing times. Which leads us to our next point.

3. Item availability, opening hours and location – check before leaving the house!

Choose a store that’s local, not in Oxford Street, if you want to avoid crowds. The sport of full-contact shopping and turning up to find the item’s out of stock is just no fun. Call your chosen store and ask for opening times, and if your item’s available.

4. Check your route – traffic, delays and more

Check Google live for traffic reports if you’re driving, and TFL for possible delays. Remember that rush hour will pretty much be 10am – 10pm! Will there be somewhere to park, or will you end up stuck in a jam of people honking at each other?

5. Don’t take things too seriously, and take advantage of how busy everyone is!

If you don’t feel like shopping, remember, there’ll be plenty of parks and attractions which should be less busy than usual. And don’t get drawn into arguing over stuff if you are shopping – it’s just stuff, when all is said and done. Plus, Cyber Monday’s still to come!

Have a great Black Friday weekend, full of brilliant deals! Look out for our Cyber Monday Statistics blog

Image credits: Red Letter Days, Maiconfz via Pixabay, Shutterstock

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