Father’s Day Gifts: How Does the UK Celebrate Dad’s Big Day? [Infographic]

How important is Father’s Day to you?

If you’re a dad, no doubt the answer will be fairly straightforward – but what about the rest of us? With surveys suggesting that Brits spend an average of 50% less on Father’s Day in comparison to Mother’s Day, we wanted to dig a little deeper and find out where our money’s going (or not), and whether dads in the UK are getting less than they deserve.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how the numbers add up, and find out how the UK celebrates Father’s Day.


The UK spends about50% LESS on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day
How much…?
Dad £771.4m

Mum £1.5bn
an estimated
1 out of 5 dads
get no card at all
Americans spend more than Brits
average spend

Do we all celebrate Father’s Day?

NO 22%
YES 78%

What do we spend our money on?

71% gifts
5% cards
21% meals out
3% leisure & days out
TOTAL SPEND = £771.4m

Do dads deserve more?

48-hour working week
is the LONGEST in the EU
Working dads spend nearly HALF as much time with their children than working mums
57% of working dads said they want to spend MORE time with their children and work LESS
40% did NOT take their
2 weeks’ paternity leave

Current uk dad stats

5.9m men live with dependent children
227,000 are
stay-at-home dads
180,000 are single dads

Best celeb dad?

73% say
David Beckham

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4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gifts: How Does the UK Celebrate Dad’s Big Day? [Infographic]

  1. My dad would kill me if I didn’t get him a card! I’ve already bought his present :) Thanks for the great info, it’s really interesting to see that we spend less than Americans, I wonder if this will ever change…

    • Hi Lara,

      Thanks for contacting us, we’re delighted you found our infographic so interesting (so did we) and hope you will continue to login and read our blog in the future. Your dad is a lucky one, we wish you a wonderful day with him on Sunday!

      best wishes
      Issy and The Blog Team

  2. Makes me want to treat my dad this year. :) Can’t believe David Beckham has won best celeb dad again!!! Peter Andre gets my vote!

    • Good call Cathy, Peter Andre is definitely a great role model for dads and could challenge David Beckham for the title. Maybe next year…
      Thanks for reading our blog and taking the trouble to contact us. Have a great day with your dad on Sunday!

      best wishes
      Issy and the Blog Team

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