Hello and welcome to the official Red Letter Days Blog.

We’ve been changing the way people think about gifts for almost 30 years now, and like every experience we offer, this blog is here to make your everyday life a little bit better.

Here, you’ll find things that make us smile and interest us, as well as insight into the company that came up with the idea of giving experiences as gifts.

We hope you have fun, and we look forward to getting to know you too – so feel free to drop us a comment and join in the conversation.

Meet the Bloggers



Issy is middle-aged but has been known to behave like a teenager. She loves the creative side of London life and has always taken the opportunity to jump into art events, different gigs, film and the alternative side of life that makes the capital special and unique. She considers herself an old dog who is open to learning new tricks if they aren’t too scary! This can mean riding her motorcycle faster than she should but doesn’t extend to jumping off a bridge on a piece of elastic – there are limits!



Photo of Laura with sunglasses


Laura is trying to foster a community of tea-making in the office, but since nobody is as bothered about tea as she is, it’s not proving to be a successful mission. When she’s not trying to choose which Red Letter Days experience she’d like to do next (it’s between the Zombie Bunker and the Flyboarding), she’s seeing all the theatre that London has to offer. Puppetry plays are her favourite: the creepier the better. She’s not quite done scratching her travel itch yet; having lived in Australia for one year, she’s keen to tick off all the continents eventually.




Sophie is a crazy dog lady with a penchant for travel, fashion and doodling. On a mission to see the world, she usually has an upcoming trip on the horizon (when annual leave permits), whether it be an exciting far-flung destination like India, or a staycation in Bath. Art was her first passion before writing, so she’s combined the two with an illustrated blog, that she enjoys adding to in her free time. You can usually find her cooing at cute puppy videos on Instagram or binging on the latest Neflix series and is a firm believer that cereal is for life, not just for breakfast.